The Top Twenty Database Management Software Products

Andromda Toad Management Software

#1 Toad by Dell

The Toad management software solutions allows to capitalize on your investment into data technology through its ability minimize risks, automate processes, and cut project deadlines nearly in half. It ultimately lowers the ownership cost for new apps because it reduces the inefficiency of code on future development cycles, productivity, availability and performance. Check out Toad for yourself and experience why over two million people trust Toad for their critical date environments and systems.

Andromda Toad Management Software

#2 Traverse Monitoring by Kaseya

Traverse Monitoring minimalizes these multiplying headaches caused by the demanding business service levels and network infrastructure of hybrid and private clouds. Monitoring said components utilizing an older generation of products to figure out application degradation causes are no longer the valid option. Traverse can ensure efficiency in your distributed service groups through its actionable alerts, predictive analytics, and unified proactive monitoring.

Andromda TeamDesk by Foresoft

#3 TeamDesk by Foresoft

This database management software allows you to utilize predefined solutions or create your own web based database applications in order to manage, share, and gather business information.

Andromda Capsio by Capsio

#4 Capsio by Capsio

Utilizes an intuitive point &click application builder that allows you to design your own web applications at nearly half of the cost and time compared to the standard method of development. All applications can be flawlessly embedded into your very own blog, website, CMS, or intranet. Each pricing plan includes a perk of unlimited users. Plus, you can try it out for free.

Andromda Zengine by WizeHive

#5 Zengine by WizeHive

The zengine platform is cloud based. Itís simple software makes it easy for businesses to time effectively automate any desired business process.

Andromda Knack by Knack

#6 Knack by Knack

Knack management software enables any user to create simple online databases and web applications.

Andromda SQL Server by Microsoft

#7 SQL Server by Microsoft

SQL offers database analysis at a rapid speed delivering the next generation of line of business solutions as well as scalable e-commerce.

Andromda Oracle Database by Oracle and Sap Hana by SAP

#8 Oracle Database by Oracle

This leading enterprise level relational database offers transaction processing and secure data management.

#9 Sap Hana by SAP

This large data system consists of event processing, an analytics database, and in memory technology.

Andromda Alpha Anywhere

#10 Alpha Anywhere by Alpha Software

Alpha Anywhere provides the fastest method to create mobile as well as web based business applications with offline capabilities.

Andromda Appfluent Visibility by Appfluent Technology

#11 Appfluent Visibility by Appfluent Technology

Appfluent allows enterprises deep diving, unprecedented visibility into their larger data systems while optimizing performance and reducing cost.

Andromda Connx by Connx Solutions

#12 Connx by Connx Solutions

This data access enables SQL access to desktop, cloud, legacy, non-relational as well as relational databases.

#13 Data Management for DB2 on zOS by BMC Software

Andromda BMC Software and Navicat Premium

This software maximizes the availability of your application while reducing DB2 costs of operation. It ensures the avoidance of business outages.

#14 Navicat Premium by GrandSoft

This administrative database tool enables you to simultaneously connect to SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MySQL and more.

Andromda Teradata Database

#15 Teradata Database by Teradata

Teradata is designed to provide high quality performance, in database analytics, enterprise level workload management, and diverse queries.

Andromda Airtable

#16 Airtable

This smart phone user friendly DBM tool features filers, integrations, and collaboration.

Andromda Apache Cassandra by Apache Software Foundation

#17 Apache Cassandra by Apache Software Foundation

This database management software is made to manage high volumes of data throughout many commodity servers.

Andromda ClusterControl by Severalnines

#18 ClusterControl by Severalnines

ClusterControlís platform is a stand alone management and automation solution for PostgreSQL, MongoDB and MySQL.

Andromda dbFront by dbFront Works

#19 dbFront by dbFront Works

dbFront swiftly creates a powerful and dynamic web based interface for your current database. It requires no code and offers hosted or local deployment.

Andromda Indigo DQM by Indigo DQM

#20 Indigo DQM by Indigo DQM

Indigo DQM is a business level data manager. It offers a reporting and query system that is designed to fully maximize your data intelligence, information, and assets.