Software Developer Jobs Will Stay on the Rise

What does the future hold for software developers?

Just like it has been for a while, the trend will continue and the new software developers will be continuously needed through 2026, according to experts. It has been estimated that over the next decade, the US alone will add about 250,000 new computer engineering roles to the workforce. Such future predictions are very encouraging for all who are considering career in this field.

Are there any concerns about software development (SD) future?

There have been some concerns that as machine-produced solutions are becoming more and more sophisticated, computers and software can take over many coding tasks and thus reduce the need for human software developers.

If the optimistic projection really takes place and the need for developers will continue to grow, it will be the best proof that machines will not substitute humans, at least not for a while. In the far future, however, machines are destined to take over some mundane coding tasks from people.

How will the developer roles will change in the future?

To stay competitive against machines, software developers will have to focus more on creative problem solutions, project oversight, and many other sophisticated tasks that machines won't yet be able to do.

Do we see any automation in the current industry?

Most definitely, yes! This is especially apparent in app creation process with Microsoft and its PowerApps platform and Google with its Google App Maker. Both of those programs are low-code building environments used for businesses to create basic apps. The role of such programs created a need for “citizen coders”, who can create simple single-function apps with basic coding knowledge. All this can be done in a very short time and on a budget.

How are "citizen coders" affecting companies?

Businesses love low-impact coders because they cost a lot less than full-time developers and technology experts and can still get a lot done with small projects. Complex tasks will still need experts that are trained to manage many different elements. Such people will be hired for cloud management, automation, and multi-level app creation.

How much do software developers earn?

This is and will be a lucrative field for years to come. An experienced developer, as an example, can average over $100,000 per year and more, depending on additional skills and geographic location.

Software developers in New York City and San Francisco will always make more than their counterparts in Idaho.

In conclusion, the future looks good for developers, who are not afraid to think outside the box and adopt new skills and knowledge continuously.