Goal Description

Runs the AndroMDA processor with AndroMDA plugins (i.e. cartridges and translation-libraries) found on your CLASSPATH. AndroMDA is configured through the value of the the maven.andromda.configuration.uri property.


Exports the MagicDraw project file to EMF XMI (requires valid MagicDraw installation in MD_HOME, but only if target files are not up-to-date)


Starts the AndroMDA server instance. When this is running, modeling processing will occur on the server. This dramatically helps to improve initialization and loading time when running AndroMDA because these things are taken care of in advance (before the model is actually processed). The server is configured through AndroMDA configuration file.


Stops the AndroMDA server instance (if it's currently running). The server information is configured through AndroMDA configuration file.


Command line help and parameters.