Where to go from here?

We have now covered the key concepts needed to use AndroMDA. You may wish to complete the remaining screens as an exercise, or move on to the killer app that you always wanted to write! Having mastered AndroMDA, you now have a powerful tool to take on the most challenging applications ahead of you. Not only will you complete them successfully, but you will also complete them with greater speed and quality.

Be sure to look at other out-of-the-box cartridges available to you - check here for a list. As mentioned earlier, if you don't find a cartridge you really need, you can always roll your own - look at the 10 steps to write a cartridge. Of course, if you think your cartridge will be useful to others, we hope you will contribute it to the community. We have created an open source project called AndroMDA Plugins specifically for community contributions.

Another useful resource to bookmark in your browser is AndroMDA Forums. If you have any question on AndroMDA usage or internals, search the forums. If you still don't find the answer, post your question to the appropriate forum. AndroMDA committers and experienced community members constantly monitor these forums - they will be quick to help you out.

Hope you have enjoyed learning AndroMDA using this tutorial. We are constantly looking to improve these materials. If you have any feedback, positive or constructive, please let us know by posting on the Getting started forum.


  • Add remaining screens and service methods to the completed tutorial.
  • Add automated testing framework.