Generation of the complete set of required Webservice files

From a UML model webservice is used to generate a fully deployable webservice application. These features are all available and easily updatable via the UML model.

The generated files include:

  • wsdl/xsd
  • Spring Configuration
  • Web Configuration
  • Endpoint Interface, Impl, and Delegate
  • stubbed implementation code
  • Ant scripts to run wsdl2java and java2ws for each service
  • unit and integration tests
  • webservice client generated by CXF


Many configuration options are available from andromda.xml properties in the webservice and default namespaces, including:

  • xmlAttributes=true: Generate UML Class attributes as wsdl/xsd attributes (default), not elements
  • XML*Adapter: JAXB binding adapter class for specific xml datatypes
  • makeNillable=false: Make nullable=true for optional attributes/elements
  • importedXSD=true: wsdl imports each schema as a separate file

Modeling example

We want to get you kick-started so that you can get productive with this cartridge as soon as possible. For this reason the following sections describe a very small example that will allow us to explain more features with less application complexity.

In this how-to we will cover the following topics: