Future functionality

WS-Security, WS-Addressing, WS-SecurityPolicy implementations

Manageable Implementation

<<Manageable>> mapping from ValueObject parameters to ORM implementation in WSDelegate for CRUD operations

Mock Object Unit tests

Mock Object unit test implementations with minimal and all parameter values set.

Additional Validations

Validations: XmlSchema stereotype on all referenced packages. Proper naming: package lowercase, Class Initcaps, methods and attributes and associations and parameters initLowerCase. No service operations with the same name in the same package. XMLBinding on/off through individual stereotype. ValueObject validations through stereotype plus Hibernate Validations framework.

Additional Stereotype Property Implementations

Stereotype/properties for customized namespace, namespace abbreviation, schema validation. Reverse namespace from top level package/service/package. CXF 2.3.x additional annotations for schema validation, documentation, wsdl, etc.