AndroMDA Meta Cartridge Profile

This profile contains all elements that can be applied on the model used as the MDA transformation process. These elements are specific to the AndroMDA Meta Cartridge component.

Stereotypes are the names you sometimes see appear in UML diagrams, they typically look like <<MyStereotype>> and can be applied on any type of UML model element.
Tagged Values
Sometimes it happens you want to add information to the model but there is no clean way of doing it. In those cases you may want to resort to tagged values, but these cases should be considered with caution. A tagged value is something extra, something optional, and the application should run fine without them.

metaclass(Back to Stereotypes)
Applied on: class
From standard UML, used by this cartridge to associate a metafacade to the meta model element it shields.
metafacade(Back to Stereotypes)
Applied on: class
Denotes an AndroMDA meta-model facade.
PSMmetaclass(Back to Stereotypes)
Applied on: class
Denotes a class that represents a metaclass in a PSM metamodel.
andromda_meta_generalization_precedence(Back to Tagged Values)
Applied on: A generalization between metafacades.
Allows the specification of precedence when a metafacade generalizes from more than one metafacade. Takes an integer as it's value (i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc) where one denotes the highest precedence.
Allowed values for this element:
  • a strictly positive integer