Since the EJB3 cartridge is not part of the base AndroMDA package, you need to know a few things to get started with the cartridge. This installation and configuration guide should provide enough information to get you started.


You must have the latest Maven (currently 2.0.4) installed and configured. You can install Maven here.

You need to have an instance of AndroMDA 3.3-SNAPSHOT. At the time of writing this, 3.2 was released but the latest 3.3-SNAPSHOT from CVS contains updates to the project generator and site plugin; this is more suitable for use with the EJB3 cartridge. Follow the anonymous CVS access at AndroMDA project to checkout and build the latest andromda-all source from the V3_x_HEAD branch.

Finally, you will need the JBoss Application Server. It is recommended to download the latest GA JBoss AS. At the time of writing this guide and with the current status of the EJB3 cartridge, it is recommended to download JBoss AS 4.0.5-GA using the JEMS installer (at least 1.2.0.GA) and install with the ejb3 profile. Read up more about the JBoss AS and download the installer.

Getting the Cartridge

Once you have met the requirements above, checkout the latest EJB3 cartridge from CVS HEAD. You have two options:

  • Follow the anonymous CVS access at andromdaplugins project on SourceForge to checkout the latest andromda-plugins module from HEAD.
  • If you are using an IDE like Eclipse, open your CVS repository exploring perspective, create a new repository with connection type (pserver), username (anonymous), password(blank) host ( and repository path (/cvsroot/andromdaplugins). Once connected, expand HEAD and check out andromda-plugins.

Note that this will check out all cartridges and plugins which are not relevant to the EJB3 cartridge, but will ease the your build process.

Building the Cartridge

Once you have checked out the andromda-plugins project, you can simply build the andromda-ejb3 cartridge in andromda-plugins/cartridges/andromda-ejb3 by running mvn in the latter location.

Building Documentation

You NO LONGER need to download the Maven 2.0.x source to build the cartridge documentation.

To build the EJB3 cartridge site documentation requires a few extra Maven 2 plugins to be downloaded from the Maven 2 SVN. The Maven build documentation will give you some information on how to access their SVN.

Please follow Maven 2 site Docs to download and build the necessary Maven 2 projects prior to building the EJB3 cartridge site docs.

You will need to check out maven-plugins from Maven trunk. You only required the following plugins, so you can disable the other modules if you wish.

  • maven-changes-plugin
  • maven-changelog-plugin

Once you have built them (mvn install), these plugins will reside in your local repo.

All other require plugins will be downloaded to your local repo if they don't already exist.

You can download the source examples used in the howto for all sections here and extract to the target/site folder of the andromda-ejb3 plugin.

You can download the UML model containing all models for all sections here.


Before starting with the EJB3 howtos, find out how to generate your EJB 3.0 project.