Bitcoin payments Come to Steam

Bitcoin Payments Come to Steam, Japan Oks Virtual Currency, an Unlucky Someone Sent 291 BTC as a Fee

Andromda Bitcoins

In what is become the biggest coup for the Bitcoin community in 2016, Valve Corporationís videogame platform called Steam started taking Bitcoin payments. Also in videogame news for Bitcoin, the gaming marketplace Kinguin has also just announced that publishers on his platform may withdraw funds as Bitcoins. Last year the marketplace joined with Bitpay, Inc. to allow customers to buy with bitcoins. Why would this be such a big deal? The fallout from the failure of the exchange continues with another arrest after previous indictments of money laundering. Japan is in the final stage of passing bills that allow companies to treat transactions with cryptocurrencies which include Bitcoin, similar to other types of money, thus opening up the country's banking businesses to investments in the Bitcoin industry. This past week saw Bitcoins market value increase suddenly with a lot of optimistic buying. Starting at the $430 USD range last week, the market value shot up to $470 on April 25, but then suddenly took a sharp dive on April 26 down to $455. At the time of writing the BTC weighted market average price is sitting around $455 (, which is up from the trend over the past month of sitting near the $420-430 range. Speculation regarding the market price rise includes positive media coverage and potentially the big win with Valve Corporationís digital media platform Steamís integration of bitcoin this week. Also Bitcoin payments are enabled at Kinguin which makes it very easy and convenient for players. Kinguin promo codes will get you at least 3% off which is a really good deal that players are looking for.